In the lands of the east there is told a tale about the Great Golden Emperor and the Lords of Darkness and Light. It is a tale of creation and destruction, and of the fate of mankind.

One morning the Great Golden Emperor came upon his twin offspring, the Prince of Light and the Princess of Darkness quarreling in the palace garden over which of them would make the better ruler of the universe. Sensing that they were about to come to blows over the subject, the Great Golden Emperor offered a solution to their argument. He gazed into the sky and waved his hand causing identical worlds to form from the mist. He then told his children to each choose a world over which to rule. The one whose world was most prosperous in ten thousand years would have proven him or herself to be the better ruler.

The siblings agreed, however a problem immediately presented itself. For the Great Golden Emperor had created three worlds, and each of his children wanted two worlds over which to rule. So, the Great Golden Emperor proposed another contest to them. Each would choose one world over which to rule. For dominion of the remaining world, each would create an avatar to be placed atop the world’s highest Mountain. There, the avatars would hold a Kumite and attempt one to push the other from the mountaintop. The winner left standing atop the Mountain could then claim the world for his or her creator. Until then, both Darkness and Light would share dominion over that world.

And so, the Princess of Darkness created an avatar clad in the color of darkness and set her atop the Mountain. And the Prince of Light created an avatar clad in the color of light and set him atop the Mountain. Then they awaited the start of the contest.

All were surprised when the Great Golden Emperor delayed the start of the contest and summoned his children to his throne room. As they entered they saw the Great Golden Emperor seated upon his thrown. To his right sat the Dragon and to his left, the Tiger.

The Great Golden Emperor looked upon his children with consternation as he spoke to them, saying, "Yin, my daughter of Darkness, Dragon has told me that he overheard you make a promise to the Mountain that you would greatly reward him if, during the contest, he were to tip, just slightly, should the foot of the avatar dressed in the color of light come close to the edge. I need not ask you, for I can see the truth of what Dragon has told me now in your eyes. And you , Yang, my son of Light, have made a similar offer to Mountain if he were to tip slightly should the foot of the avatar dressed in the color of darkness come close to the edge. Your careless conversation was overheard by Tiger."

Yin and Yang shuddered awaiting the wrath of their father to fall upon them and were amazed when he burst into laughter. For he had suspected some treachery on the part of his children and had dispatched Dragon and Tiger to watch them.

And so, to assure the fairness of the competition, the Great Golden Emperor waved his hand and both avatars became clad half in the color of darkness and half in the color of light. Then, knowing Mountain to be color blind, he placed a sash of red about the waist of one and a sash of blue about the waist of the other so that they could be told apart by all who observed except the Mountain.

For thousands of years the avatars have struggled with each other atop the Mountain; sometimes one gaining advantage and seemingly about to defeat the other, and just as often the tables are turned. All the while they have been unaware that the Great Golden Emperor has set them in a role not to win the world for their creators, but to defend the world against them. For, in this time the world ruled over solely by the Princess of Darkness has become frigid, barren and lifeless. And the world ruled solely by the Lord of Light blazes and has burned nearly to a cinder. And here, where the struggle rages atop the Mountain and thereby within the souls of all that have come into being in this world ... well here are we, hanging in the balance.

And one morning the Great Golden Emperor came upon his twin children in the palace garden and found them arguing about which of their avatars was most likely to win the contest. He placed his hands upon their heads and pushed his children apart saying, "Look to the sky. See your three worlds and what has become of them. See the peace and tranquility of two worlds and the turmoil of the third. See the struggle and know that therein lies prosperity. I know that neither of you will ever understand this, but one day one of you may win your contest, and in that instant the world will have lost".

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